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  Grab a cup of coffee, tea or beverage after weekday Mass
  on Tuesdays for a chat with your pastor. 
  Use the same link for weekday Mass
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  May is the Month of Mary, Our Blessed Mother.
  Pray the rosary after
  the 8:30 a.m. Mass
  as the Sisters Devoted to the Sacred Heart (SDSH)
  lead us in prayer. Click here at    8:30 a.m. on Thursday 





  to join on Sunday Night at 8:30 PM
  Watch Recording
  May 17, 2020










Our Lady of Lourdes invites you to pray for the work of Alpha and its mission which starts  May 27th on Zoom. We equip others when we invite people to explore the Christian faith.

  Lord, you summoned us to be your hands and your feet, to bring your gospel to our brothers and sisters and to shepherd us all to your kingdom. We ask you now Lord, to guide us and bless us, as we undertake this mission through the Alpha experience in our parish.  

Holy Spirit, give us the wisdom and courage to be bold and share this opportunity with everyone, to listen to your call to serve, and to participate in this experience that will reach out to those who don’t know you or those who desire a closer communion with you.

Help us to bring your light to them and fill them with love.        

In Jesus' name, we pray.