October 21, 2018

Posted by Anne Wing

Last week Pope Francis canonized seven new saints for our Church.  Two of them got a lot of attention in the press, while the other five barely rated a mention.  One large newspaper referred to them simply as “five others.”  The two “prime-time” celebrity saints were Archbishop Oscar Romero, ... Read More »

October 14, 2018

Posted by Anne Wing

This Sunday’s gospel is one I find very interesting.  Just as Jesus is about to leave on a journey, a man runs up to ask him what he must do to enter into eternal life?  I smile when I read this, because in all my years, even though I ... Read More »

October 7, 2018 Respect Life Sunday

Posted by Anne Wing

When I read today’s gospel passage from Mark (10:2-16), I can’t help but think back on the years of ministry in which I have been engaged.  Specifically, I can’t help but think about all the people I have encountered who have approached me for help in securing an annulment.  ... Read More »

September 30, 2018

Posted by Anne Wing

Today’s first reading from Exodus narrates the experience of the Lord God coming to Moses.  It tells us that “Taking some of the spirit that was on Moses, the LORD bestowed it on the seventy elders; and as the spirit came to rest on them, they prophesied.”  But the ... Read More »

August 19, 2018

Posted by Anne Wing

One thing that is as certain and as sure as the Northern Star, is that at least once a month someone comments to me about the church getting involved in political matters. Sometimes, people are unhappy because the Church doesn’t weigh in on a particular issue. Sometimes people are ... Read More »

August 12, 2018

Posted by Anne Wing

This Sunday marks the third of five Sundays in which the Gospel of John is proclaimed in Church. It is a particular section of John’s gospel, chapter 6 to be specific, and it focuses on the Johannine teaching on the Eucharist.

This teaching begins with the miracle of the ... Read More »

August 5, 2018

Posted by Anne Wing

Called to help our neighbor

Every year, every parish in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, stretching from Santa Maria to Long Beach, and from Santa Monica to Pomona, participates in our annual Together in Mission Appeal. It is a unique appeal in the Church of the United States, in ... Read More »

July 29, 2018

Posted by Anne Wing

Every so often I get a note from a concerned soul in the parish that addresses their perception of inappropriate attire in Church. I am unaware of any formal church teaching on the matter, but my research has shown that those Churches - and there are some - that ... Read More »

July 22, 2018

Posted by Anne Wing

In today’s gospel, Jesus reminds us all of the importance of coming apart from the usual hum-drum of life’s complexities to recharge and refresh. If R & R was good enough for God at the conclusion of the creation narrative in Genesis, then it’s good enough for all of ... Read More »

July 15, 2018

Posted by Anne Wing

When I read this passage from Mark’s gospel, I found myself remembering how it was when I arrived, newly ordained, to take up my first assignment. My mind has been wandering through memories of my early days in ministry in the Archdiocese as I was recently invited to ... Read More »