Whenever we interact with our priests, do we see them as human and frail like the rest of humanity? Or on the other hand, do we see them as supermen, able to withstand all the stresses and strains of being human?

I hope you see your priest as very human. Quite possibly, even more human than most of us. Why? Because they not only have their own struggles being human, but they accompany us in our humanness too.

Therefore, this Priesthood Sunday, turn the tables. Attempt to be the listener to the human side of your priest. Do not automatically tell him your troubles; begin by asking him what is going on in his life. Thank him warmly for giving up so much to spend his life in service to others. Try it. You might be surprised to find out your priest is just like you!


Prayer for Priests
Lord God, most holy, we approach you in gratitude for your holy ordained priesthood. You have called these men to be set apart and to shepherd your people, as you shepherd your entire church. We pray for them in their daily work. Grant to them an increase in spiritual gifts and grace, so they may be prepared for the tasks at hand. Lead them not into temptation and protect them from the grasp of the evil one. It is through the sacraments they confer that we encounter the divine in a real and profound way. May your church never lose sight of these, your special sons, and may we, the body of Christ, never fail to cherish the gift of their lives, which they have freely given to you and your holy church. We ask this in the name of Jesus, your Son.



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