May 26, 2019 - 6th Sunday of Easter

There once was a young boy named Menroy.  He, just like most of the other kids his age, loved candy. Unfortunately, he did not have the money to buy any. Although he did not have enough money to buy any, he knew where some money was that he could buy the candy with.  Up in his attic was his parents' savings, kept away in a box.  Menroy knew it was wrong to take from their money but he really wanted that candy.  He decided to go up into the attic and steal some of the money.  As he started climbing up the ladder to get into the attic, the guilt started to get to him.  He started thinking about why he should and should not take it and stopped.  After a minute of thinking, he decided to keep going.  The candy was cheap and he thought that his parents would not even notice that some of their money was missing.

He reached the top of the ladder and opened the door to the attic.  He started walking to the end of the attic where the box of money was kept.  As he was walking closer to the box of money, the attic seemed to be getting brighter.  He was confused but did not think much of the light.  He finally arrived at the money box and there he saw a glowing woman, hovering over the box of money, asleep.  He knew that the woman was Mary.  He quickly left the attic, not taking any money.  After that, Menroy prayed the rosary every night and never stole, or tried to steal, anything again.

 Mary was the mother of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. She was loving and caring to everyone, for she was without sin.  Mary, being a human herself, understands everyone fully and is very constant in helping our world.  She has appeared to many people and has helped them in time of need.

Menroy, or as I called him, Opa, was my great grandfather. I  knew very little about him because he died before I was born, but this was one story that was passed on to me when I was very young.  I have always loved this story because it seems amazing to me that one of my family members has seen Mary himself.  I think that this really shows how Mary always tries to help and is always someone who can help.

To me, Mary is a role model and someone I feel that I can talk to. In what I know about her, she seems very kind and loving and someone who I know can help me when I need it.  Personally, she has not appeared to me, but sometimes, I feel like I can feel her presence.  The times that I feel like she is there the most is when I am at mass or praying the rosary.

Mary has played a big part in my time here at Our Lady of Lourdes, and I hope that she continues to stay with me on my road from high school to college. She has always been someone that I can turn to when I am feeling down and someone that I can share my good times with.

This is the first of two essays to be published in our bulletin.  This was authored by Scott Lechner, an 8th grade student at our school, as part of the traditional observance of the May Crowning.  Next week we will publish the other.

With the Memorial day holiday falling this weekend, so too comes the traditional “vacation season” here in the USA.  Before we move headlong into the summer, perhaps we might take a moment this holiday weekend to consider the service men and women of our country, who model sacrifice for us and who merit our gratitude for their service.  Perhaps a word, a card, or an act of kindness toward a current service member might go some way to affirm and acknowledge the sacrifice of those who have given their lives in service of our nation.

God’s blessings on those who serve, and on their families who support them in service. May those of our loved ones who have given their lives in service of their country.


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