Christmas Day

We are glad you are here with us today!  Some of us are here to spend time with family and friends, some of us are here because this is our parish.  All of us are here because today we celebrate the joy of what God has done.  2018 marks the 60th anniversary of our parish community.  As we enter upon the wonderful season of Christmas, perhaps it is a good time to think back, not only on the past year, but on the many years past. Time and human experience are the place where God comes to greet us always. It is in the concrete moments of our lives in which we experience and encounter the grace of the living God among us, enriching our lives and calling us to an ever-deeper relationship with him in the person of Jesus Christ.

Yet another year of grace has unfolded upon our parish community. We have been visited by its incarnation in the births and deaths we have experienced, in the struggles and in the triumphs of our lives, and in the tragedies and startling moments – both natural and human – that have impressed themselves upon us. Through all that has happened for us this year, once again we have been touched by the grace of the Incarnate God. We see that our God comes, not seated on a throne, majestic and powerful, but in the most vulnerable of human conditions, fragile and evoking within us the best of our human nature.
May the singular love God has for us find its echo in our love for one another. May God’s grace continue to bless you – and all those dear to you – in these holy days and throughout the coming year.

Thank you for celebrating with us today, our presence to one another is itself an occasion of God’s grace poured out.

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