What is the Alpha Experience? 

  •  A series of gatherings exploring the Christian faith in an honest, fun, friendly and open environment.
  • An opportunity for non-Christians and Christians to hear from others and contribute your own perspective regarding some of life’s biggest questions. 

Do we have to pay to participate? 
No. You do not have to pay to participate. However, 
we gladly accept a free will offering to offset costs 

Do we have to be in Northridge, CA to participate? 
• In-Person, Yes, and masks are required at this time. 
• Via Zoom, Nope. Join us from anywhere! Just 
remember, we are on Pacific Time. (Through Zoom, 
we have welcomed Guests from Georgia, D.C. 
and Sri Lanka, so far) 

  • Designed to engage and inspire conversation. We explore the big issues around faith and life and unpack the basics of Christianity in an environment free from judgment and pressure.
  • A safe space where no question is off-limits AND where there is no obligation to say anything. 

What Happens During an Alpha Experience? 
In-Person: We begin with food. We watch a short video that addresses one topic, such as, Is There More to Life Than This? or How Can I Have Faith? Then, discussion time follows in a small group. 

Via Zoom: You’ll find a quiet place to login to Zoom 
from a computer or phone. Light conversation begins 
in the main Zoom room, and then we watch the 
Alpha video. Discussion takes place after the video. 



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