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"May the Church be a place...where all feel welcomed, loved, forgiven, and encouraged to live according to the good life of the Gospel."
- Pope Francis

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Together in Mission is about being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in our times.

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Other Links

Pope Audience: ‘Hope helps to see beyond negativity of present’

(Vatican Radio)  Self-centeredness and sin corrupt the beauty of Creation, but God does not abandon humanity and turns Creation’s groans into hope for new life. That was at the heart of Pope Francis’ catechesis on Christian hope at his Wednesday General Audience.

Listen to Devin Watkins' report:

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Pope sends telegramme for death of Irish Cardinal Connell

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has sent a telegramme of condolences for the death of the former Archbishop of Dublin, Cardinal Desmond Connell, who died on Monday at the age of 90 following a long illness.

In the message, addressed to the current Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin, the Pope recalls Cardinal Connell’s many contributions to the Church in Ireland, especially in the area of philosophical studies.

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Pope Francis appeals for ‘suffering South Sudan’

(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis has appealed for the hard-hit people of South Sudan, “where a fratricidal conflict is compounded by a severe food crisis which has hit the Horn of Africa region and condemns to death by starvation millions of people, including many children”.

He called on all involved to “commit not to stop at making statements, but also to provide concrete food aid and to allow it to reach suffering populations”.

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'Our Story': African American Catholics discuss path toward unity, respect for all

They came from across the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to stand together, worship side by side and honor their shared history: African American Catholics, a small yet faith-filled community, sang God’s praises as one during this year’s Black History Month Mass on Feb. 18 at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Downtown L.A., which has hosted the annual Mass every year since 2003.

“Black Catholics have always had a very strong faith,” said Andrew Knox, a parishioner at St. Brigid Church, who spoke to Angelus News during the February meeting of the African American Catholic Center for Evangelization (AACCFE), which serves the local African American Catholic community year-round, and helps organize parish and archdiocesan-wide events like the Black History Mass.

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Kids with no home: Will today’s homeless children in Los Angeles be the next generation of homeless adults?

Children and youths who are homeless face considerable challenges today, and, according to many studies, also later in life.

Because of their lack of stability and frequent moves, they have three times the rate of emotional and behavioral problems such as depression, anxiety, aggression, withdrawal, sleep disorder and even PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), reports the Urban Institute.

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At a world meeting of popular movements

I am writing this week from Modesto, where I am attending a conference sponsored by the Vatican.

It is the United States regional meeting of the World Meeting of Popular Movements. This is a project initiated by Pope Francis several years ago. It seeks to bring together Church leaders with social justice advocates, to start to build friendships and find new ways to address the challenges we face in society. Previous meetings have been in Rome and Bolivia.

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